Steve Conzaman Headshot

Steve Conzaman - Area Director

Graduate of Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy.
Graduate from Taylor University, B.A. Business Administration.
Graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, M.A.R.

Brief Story of Transformation:

I once heard someone say, “When you know you are loved, everything changes”. As a child I learned of God’s love for me, responded to it, and it’s made all the difference in my life. I understood that God was perfect and I was not – and greatly appreciated Jesus taking the consequences of my sin on the cross. With my relationship with God restored, I have lived my life with greater peace and with a purpose greater than myself. Also, the guidance I have received from God through the Bible and prayer have helped me navigate life’s twists and turns.

Today, the sacrificial love of God compels me to love my wife, kids, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and pushes me to actively help those in need. Without Jesus love as an example, I would be a fraction of the person I am today. With His example, I am closer to the man God has designed me to be.


Today many people have discounted what Jesus has done and/or can do for them -- and are less likely than ever before to walk into a church to find answers. However, I believe most men still have unanswered spiritual questions and are also seeking greater meaning from their work and life.  I appreciate how through the lean organization of CBMC, we are able to help a businessman right where he is (in his faith journey and at his location) to become the man God designed him to be.